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Lesson 588 Multiple-Party Politics?

Cracks in our two-party government have been appearing for a long time. Is it now time to suggest we should have multiple political parties?

  1. In the Republican Party there are those with both extreme right-wing and traditional thinking.
  2. Some Republicans also appear to see benefits in an autocracy.
  3. And there are Democrats with centrist, left and right thinking.
  4. Some Democrats might even prefer a “green party” focus.

As the political pendulum swung between Democrats and Republicans over the years, various factions were appearing.

  1. In the 1930’s a Democratic President (FDR) used government to create infrastructure jobs. But even so his internal party support was not unanimous, especially when it came to foreign affairs.
  2. In the 1980’s a Republican President (Reagan) declared big government was the big problem. But internal factions eventually emerged, with more varied ideas about the best role for government..
  3. Today a Democratic President (Biden) is using government to end a pandemic, open up schools safely, rescue hurting families, provide other social safety-nets, and bailout failing small businesses. But internal factions on the left and right are already emerging.

Maybe multiple-party politics, recognizing the existence of these various factions, would better serve us now? It’s essential to keep in mind that recent media revolutions will keep these factions visibly on the public agenda… and therefore politically significant.

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Lesson 587 Disillusioned

  1. The number of disillusioned Americans… Independents, Republicans, Democrats, middleclass families, and front-line workers… is increasing everyday.
  2. We simply must change our national conversation to the founder’s “idea of America.” “Save our incredible democratic republic,” must become our unifying theme.
  3. Passionate speeches need to be delivered at every opportunity. Celebration events need to be staged. Everywhere the “buzz” must be about democracy.
  4. Topics must include: a nation of immigrants; a nation of strong institutions; a nation of good jobs; a nation of great healthcare; a nation that cares for the environment; a nation of empathetic capitalism; a nation of strong allies; and a nation of individual freedoms.
  5. We must use every media-platform, holiday event, and all communication opportunities to focus on America’s democratic republic as the only “big idea” that can truly unite our nation… and help us regain our leadership role in the world.

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