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Lesson 610 How To Prevent Autocracies

Strong institutions are the bedrock of democracies.

Government, community, and even international institutions, undergird democracies.

This is why autocrats immediately attack, weaken, and eventually eliminate strong institutions.

Autocrats also activate partisans on boards of institutions… to influence operational decisions.

They also constantly attack, and eventually seek to control the free press.

So to prevent autocracies, we must strengthen all our institutions.

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Lesson 609 Biden’s Messaging

Build Back Better” is a tongue-twister. Biden needs a stronger theme.

Words matter. And when it come to image-building a strong visual presence matters even more.

He needs “photo-ops” that connect directly with voters. Happily playing around in a Hummer is not strong enough.

He must explain more directly the consequences of his opponents’ behaviors… on voting rights, their silence on infrastructure, their behavior on “the border,” etc.

He must repeat the benefits of his infrastructure plan over and over, and not talk so much about its cost.

He must also let events dictate where he must show-up and when to speak out. He appears to be working too much from past experience… and not current realities.

He needs short talking points which he repeats over and over, points that his staff and other democrats can also use.

Polls show the president’s support is fading. These suggestions might help.

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Lesson 608 We Have A Republic

The founding fathers feared that a pure democracy might result in unprepared candidates holding high office.

So they created an “electoral college” based on each state appointing qualified delegates to review the election and submit their votes.

Ben Franklin explained… “You have a Republic, if you can keep it!”

Years later, the social media revolution would bring serious disruptions to this Republic’s innovative experiment.

This meant that a control-obsessed political party would now have the communication tools necessary to limit its opponent’s voter access… and could do so state-by-state.

If that party does not like the election outcome, it can also claim widespread voter fraud… and then ask selected key states to modify and resubmit their “electoral college” votes.

This is how one control-obsessed political party can actually bring about an autocracy in the U.S.

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