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Lesson 592 Presidential Messaging

Bipartisan is the only way to govern a democracy, however, it is abundantly clear that with this legislature bipartisanship is impossible.

Presidential messaging must now aggressively promote the total program that is best for a democracy… and be relentless everyday in stating what is destructive about current partisan behaviors.

Controlling messaging in our new social media world requires shouting out everyday on all available platforms, and constant repetition using simple, memorable phrases.

It’s time for the President to get very aggressive and courageous about explaining clearly what is wrong, what is factual. and why. In other words, it’s time to forget all bipartisan hopes and get tough!

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Lesson 591 Equal Justice Echoes

History doesn’t always repeat itself… but issues and values often linger, and echo.

  1. Abraham Lincoln tried to eliminate slavery, but white supremacy continued to echo in American culture.
  2. It still resides deep in the subconscious minds of many who consider themselves accepting of all races.
  3. And it surfaces in unexpected ways… such as when minorities appear to get special treatment at work… or when a black family moves into a white neighborhood… or when white voters simply allow submerged feelings to surface when voting.
  4. Admittedly, some very dangerous groups have always believed that white culture is superior.
  5. Therefore, the founders’ dream of equality can only be realized if true patriots continue to champion democracy and equal justice.

It seems clear that the founders knew all along that they would need to rely on future leaders to make “liberty and justice for all” a reality. Saving the American democratic system must therefore be our top priority.

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