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Lesson 603 The Afghanistan Mistake

Media revolutions change everything… including how quickly the world becomes aware of every political promise. Today, news events often require a change of plans.

Protecting human rights is a core American value. It no doubt led the U.S. into staying in Afghanistan too long.

But Biden’s rapid exit was a mistake. Training the Afghan military, providing wartime equipment, and positioning a few thousand special forces to oversee operations, was holding off the Taliban.

I believe President Biden could have made good on his campaign promise by slowing things down to stabilize the country, and then by planning a more gradual exit.

Withdrawing was a good idea. Doing it so fast was a big mistake.

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Lesson 602 A Stable Democracy

Democracies require strong and stable institutions to survive.

Media revolutions change most everything. Can people, politics, religion, education, and institutions ever be the same?

Universities today are adjusting to the vicious impact of the pandemic. How many will ever be strong again?

Governments have become hopelessly partisan. Can they ever become bipartisan problem-solvers again?

Curriculum decisions are being made by legislators. Will education policy and practice ever be returned to educators?

Ministers are trying to bring back worshipers on Sundays. How many COVID-19 losses will become permanent?

Cults have become homes for extremists. How much of a threat will they become in the future?

Zoom allowed people to work from home. How many problems are in store for the workplace?

Stable democracies simply require strong organizations and institutions. And dictatorships simply destroy them.

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