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Lesson 625 Journalism And Guns

Finally, the news media is focusing on pointing out the obvious contradiction between believing in “the right to life” and the willingness to do all we can to protect society from “mass killings.”

Journalists are finally teaching us how most other countries have mental illness and videogame-obsession problems… but few if any have mass killings. Why are we the exception?

We are also finally learning more about how the gun-lobby works in Washington, and how it finances political campaigns.

We are also finally learning how social media platforms are being used to effectively mobilize small groups of extremists, and how public opinion can be effectively ignored.

How can anyone who really believes in the “right-to-life” not be be willing to even discuss the killing power of open-carry laws, unrestricted gun shows, no background checks,18 year old’s buying high powered guns and ammunition with no questions asked, and/or no required training in responsible gun use?

We must find a way to separate political issues from moral ones! Declaring my right to do and own whatever I want is simply too self-centered. “The greater good” must come to mean much more!

Simply put… political polarization has created an urgent moral crisis that really should have nothing to do with politics!

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Lesson 624 Speaking Truth To Power

What should this mean in an Internet and information-cluttered world?

What happens when news media organizations seize clear opportunities to advance ratings and profits, and focus on making stars out of attractive anchors and articulate reporters?

In other words, should NBC be bragging about its “Anchor for America,” or CBS its “trio of self-admiring morning stars” matter to us at all?

Or should investigating the existing president, and inviting adversaries to say whatever they will, be what “speaking truth to power” means to us?

Or should a focus on popularity polls no longer frame the approach of media organizations, when explaining facts, truth, and context, are much more important?

Should we therefore expect much more of news media organizations than focusing on advancing their own successes?

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