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Lesson 590 We the People…

American Core Ideas…

  1. “Equal justice” was stated as an essential principle. But it was also realized that slavery, white supremacy, and other serious stumbling stumbling blocks would have to be dealt with over time.
  2. A form of democracy called a “republic” was uniquely designed into the American system. This was done with the hope that only leaders of “high virtue” would hold high office. Ben Franklyn famously said… “You have a republic if you can keep it!”
  3. The “Declaration of Independence” made it clear there would be no monarchs, autocrats, or dictators in America.
  4. “Freedom of speech and the press” were so important to the founders that they were included in the Constitution.
  5. “We are a nation of immigrants.” From the very start government leaders have made this obvious fact clear.
  6. “Forming a more perfect union” would require avoiding political and social polarization. It was this fear that caused George Washington to declare himself an Independent… a fear which he warned about again in his farewell address!
  7. “Access to voting” has always been seen as an important feature of American citizenship.

These core American ideas are what can restore unity to our polarized nation… a prerequisite for regaining international respect, and global leadership.

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Lesson 589 Real or Not?

Recent media revolutions have been huge game-changers for everyone… and most especially for leaders.

  1. Institutions, politics, the family, education, and much more, have been changed forever.
  2. A daily information explosion now produces a permanent state of confusion.
  3. Social media platforms have become weapons for ruthless governments and individuals.
  4. Legitimate institutions and governments struggled to be understood. Even those that want to be transparent.
  5. Photojournalism and television brought even more drama to news reporting.
  6. Television quickly dominated coverage of riots, demonstrations, and shootings.
  7. Focusing on the action, and using close-ups and picture montages, TV news can be very deceiving.
  8. Consumers are overwhelmed with information… and now tend to chose the outlets that best reinforce what they prefer to think.

Media literacy for consumers has therefore never been more important.

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