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Lesson 649 Easy & Accessible Voting

Gerrymandered districts allow small groups of extreme-thinking politicians to limit voting.

Limiting voting times and locations is happening in many state legislatures.

Literally everyone suffers, but most especially those citizens not currently in government.

In “God Save Texas,” Pulitzer Prize winning writer Lawrence Wright, says real Texans have always rebelled against all governments.

So what are independent-thinking Texans waiting for? .

To preserve independent-thinking everywhere, voting must be made easy and accessible for everyone.

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Lesson 648 Banning AR-15’s

In the 1990s, the US Congress banned AR-15’s.

But politics changed.

The Second Amendment and the “right to bear arms” became a rallying-cry of extreme politicians.

The NRA and Gun manufacturers quickly supported these politicians.

However, the Second Amendment was written with Revolutionary War militias in mind.

Ordinary citizens were required to furnish their own awkward, hard-to-load, guns and ammunition… with some restrictions.

Banning AR-15s is a common-sense restriction… and would not conflict with the Second Amendment.

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Lesson 647 CNN and Serious Journalism

CNN gave editorial control to Trump during its recent townhall.

Today, strong journalism requires never doing that with anyone on any program format.

Rather, journalists must seek only the truth and report it even if it requires courage to do so.

Seek only facts and then focus on reporting all of them.

Journalists and anchors… must give up becoming stars themselves.

Today’s serious journalists must always take the time to report the context of important stories.

If they promote anything… they should promote easy voting, democracy, and truth.

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Lesson 646 Mass Shootings

Polls indicate that the majority of Americans, including gun owners and many NRA members, support background screenings, red flag laws, and a ban on weapons of war.

The “right to bear arms” is in the Constitution. The revolutionary war was in the minds of the drafters, and nowhere in the Constitution does it say that registration, training in gun use, bans on specific weapons, or restrictions on people with established mental problems, cannot be added when later times require them. Guns today have become much more sophisticated.

Americans are shooting Americans almost everyday. These times clearly call for organizing gun ownership in a way that still provides for “the right to bear arms.”

In the final analysis, polling research clearly shows that gun owners understand that even with restrictions, their rights to defend themselves and their families will be preserved.

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