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Lesson 622 Stalinization Of Putin

Putin has made it clear that his mission is to bring back the Soviet empire

  1. Stalin established the Soviet empire, often using violence on his own people.
  2. The appealing idea of this empire no doubt has been in Putin’s mind since his service in the KGB.
  3. Toward that end, he made brutal attacks on several former Soviet countries. including the Ukraine.
  4. In today’s internet and social media world, he could be thinking that this is his last chance to bring back that empire.
  5. Rather than admitting defeat, he might actually prefer to “go down” fighting, and have history record that he was the one who tried.
  6. The big issue for the EU and NATO: Would Putin actually resort to chemical and/or nuclear weapons?
  7. If so, how will they respond? Right now the answer remains unknown.
  8. Whatever happens, it certainly is clear that the vast majority of the world prefers democracy and freedom over the control of autocrats and dictators. Would-be autocrats better be paying attention!

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Lesson 621 Ukraine Imagery

  1. “Putin’s folly” is being brutally exposed on television for all to see every single day!

2. Early pictures of beautiful Ukraine cities, modern music halls, impressive museums, state-of-the-art hospitals and people going about everyday business, remain in our minds.

3. But these are constantly contrasted with horrible images of destruction by a mindless dictator’s brutal assault on a peaceful country.

4. We see homes bombed into rubble, and women and children leaving cars by the roadside as they struggle to get out of the country.

5 We see babies crying as adults are dying in the streets.

6. Over time, these images accumulate and linger in our minds with a relentless staying power.

7. Digital technologies which have be used to produce confusion and political divisions, are finally being used to save democracies everywhere.

8. The people of Ukraine, and the reporters covering their stories, are showing the world just what it takes to end tyranny… and to hold on to a life of freedom.

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