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Lesson 642 News Media Herding

When a major crisis occurs somewhere in the world, news organizations send their top reporters to cover it.

Ukraine is a good example. Many reporters feel it’s important have Ukraine on their resume.

This is called herding. The result is that other important news events often are underreported.

Competition, staffing problems, faulty polling research, are the ways herding can be explained.

Budget problems can cause news organizations to cut staff which usually limits their reporting capacity.

Herding therefore might explain why so many news organization predicted a major Republican “red wave.” As we all know, this predicted wave was much smaller than reported.

News media herding happens when an event somewhere in the world is powerful enough to compel the news media’s and the public’s attention.

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Lesson 641 Resolve To Be Happy

Living your passion is the best pathway to happiness.

First clarify your passion, and then make living it your primary resolution for 2023.

If you exercise your passion in a group, it’s important to understand the realities of organizational politics.

There are managers who will make those acting out their passion feel persecuted.

There are those who will become jealous of those with a passion… as they achieve notoriety outside the organization.

But even in the midst of hostilities, resolve to stay positive, offer help when you can, and stay focused on your passion.

People’s behavior will often make you angry. Even so, in the end your success will let you know you were right.

So, resolve to make happiness happen in 2023…live your passion and beyond!

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